ICT project at St. Mary’s, Cadishead
ICT project at St. Mary’s, Cadishead

ICT Project

This project will help you use and improve your ICT skills, including word processing, using pictures, layouts and more.
We are linked to St. Mary’s Primary School.
Step 1 - choose a story Choose a story from the Bible. You are going to turn it into a newspaper story. There are many stories you can choose. For example, Daniel being put into a pit full of lions. Or David fighting Goliath. Or Paul suffering from an earthquake while in prison. Or Joshua and the battle of Jericho. If you need help, try asking your RE teacher.
Step 2 - decide on your newspaper title All newspapers need a title (like The Daily Mirror, The Sun, The Guardian). Choose a catchy name for yours. Perhaps you might link it in with the time or place the bible story comes from. The Jericho Journal
Step 3 - write the main story Try to sum up the whole story in one or two sentences, and put these at the beginning of your newspaper article. Then try adding some 'quotes' from people who saw what happened. Think about what is the surprising part of the story - that is what will make it more like a news story. A horrified bystander said ‘I can’t believe it. The walls just fell down by themselves when the music started.’
Step 4 - choose a headline The headline needs to be short and snappy to get people to read the rest of the story. Try using as few words as possible. Walls collapse shock!
Step 5 - lay it out on the page like a newspaper Newspapers are divided up into columns. So you need to lay out your story on at least two columns. At the beginning of the story, your headline needs to be a much larger size, and probably in bold type. And the newspaper name needs to be first of all. If you can, see if you can get it so the newspaper name stretches across both columns. If you need help with some of this, ask your ICT teacher to explain.
Step 6 - add a picture Now find a picture for the story (perhaps clipart, or a photo on the hard disk). Paste the picture into your story. If your school has a scanner, you could also draw your own picture, scan it into the computer, and paste it into the story.
Step 7 - print it out! But first, check your spelling (use the spellchecker). Check that everything fits onto one page. And check that everything looks just how you want it.

Congratulations! You now have your own newspaper article.

Note to teachers - this uses English, ICT and RE (and possibly Art).
Here’s one I made. I’m sure you can do better.

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