Art at St. Mary’s, Cadishead
Art at St. Mary’s, Cadishead
Colours in Church Throughout the year, we remember and celebrate different things. For example, at Christmas, we celebrate Jesus being born. At harvest, we celebrate and thank God for all the wonderful food from the earth.

To help us think about what we are celebrating, we use different colours at different times of the year. Banners, the minister’s stole (a long cloth scarf) and other items will all be in this colour.
Download a worksheet (pdf format) on the colours in church. It shows what colour we use for each season and festival, and has a picture of a stole to colour in.

Colours in Church worksheet.
Purple We use purple when it is a time of year to get ready or prepare ourselves. Sometimes this means looking at the bad things we do and asking God for help to change. We use purple in Advent (getting ready for Christmas) and Lent (getting ready for Easter). We also use purple for funerals.
Gold or white These colours represent purity, and also celebration. So we use these colours when we want to celebrate the wonderful things God has done, for example at Christmas (Jesus being born) and Easter Sunday (Jesus rising from death).
Red Red is the colour of strong emotions, of flames, and also of blood. We use red to remind us of the Holy Spirit (in the Bible it speaks of the Holy Spirit being like a fire in us). But we also use red to remind us of people who have suffered or died. So we use red at Pentecost (when the disciples first experienced the Holy Spirit), but also in Holy Week - the week before Easter Sunday - as we remember the suffering that Jesus went through on the cross. We also use red on Remembrance Sunday, as we remember those who have suffered or died in wars.
Green Green is the colour of nature, of God’s wonderful creation. It is also the most neutral colour. So we use green to celebrate Harvest, and we also use green throughout the year in between the other seasons and festivals.

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